About us

Aston Martin

Club was established in 2010 year. We are fans and proud owners of Aston Martin vehicles.

This club is not operated by the Aston Martin company. We are making an effort to support the good name of the brand and help to unify its fans.

We have 1 615 registered users. Together we have 1 061 registered Aston Martin vehicles.

We have monthly 10 987 page views, 3 706 visits and 3 024 users (RU).

The website is fully bilingual - czech + english.

How old vehicles do we buy?

Sample of 78 vehicles where we know the purchase date.

Purchased vehicles Count
New 4 %
Almost new (max 4 years) 6 %
Older (5-10 years) 33 %
Old (11 years and more) 55 %

Where are our members from?

List of countries - well-arranged table shows the number of registered members by country.

Interactive map of the globe - a map colored according to the number of registered members in the given countries.