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Silver Aston Martin Vanquish - Light Acceleration, Drive-By!

To me, the Vanquish is one of the greatest Aston Martins to come out of the modern era (2000-present). Despite it's dreadful gearbox, it was brilliant, being starred on Die Another Day. Sadly, this example isn't what Mr. Bronsan drove, but it's close. The Vanquish came out in 2001, and featured a 460bhp, 6.0 Litre V12. The later model, the S, had 510bhp from it's V12. This model which i recorded may say "Vanquish S" on the back, but it's just a plain old Vanquish, but who really cares when it's as striking as this? 0-60mph in the Vanquish took just 4.3 seconds, onwards to a top speed of 190mph. This car unfortunately, came with some Kahn wheels, which looked quite dreadful on it. Something you shouldn't do when buying a Vanquish, is buying horrible wheels like these. This is my second Vanquish i have ever recorded, and my 3rd i've seen. Ironically, i had also recorded the other Vanquish on this same road, and ironically, the other Vanquish had tricked me into thinking it was a Vanquish S. But 2 Vanquish's are brilliant. The owner seemed cool, and lightly accelerated down Bridge Street as the lights went green. A truly amazing car, hope you enjoy the video, especially you Rod!Please Feel Free to Leave a Comment ~GTRJacko Song Name: Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Darkseeker Remix) [Thanks MrRod787] Shot at HD 720p, uploaded at Full HD 1080p Come, see and join my Partner MrRod787's Website here: Come and Join York's No.1 Exotic Spotter's Facebook group ...

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