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Samuel Eto'o's BROKEN Aston Martin One-77

This is quite an awkward situation... And rather embarassing. Here's the + 1 million € Aston Martin One-77, belonging to the famous footbal player Samuel Eto'o. The problem is simple.. He parked the car in front of a famous Parisian Hotel and when he wanted to go, the car just wouldn't start up. They tried several times but the car wouldn't start... Well he has other cars so that's not a problem... A bigger issue was the fact the car wouldn't close then. Wouldn't lock and wouldn't close : the windows that normally moves down then up when you close the door wouldn't move. So impossible to close the doors, letting a space between the interior and the exterior of the car... Anybody could have got into the car... But no one did. It was raining hard and water was coming into the car... That's bad when you know the price of the car... So the guys from the hotel fixed it with..... Plastic and tape ! Yes, Tape on the paint of a one million euros car !! The Maybach Xenatec you see driving by at the end is also his.... So no worries for him ! That's just a very bad advertising for Aston Martin in the end ! Enjoy !



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