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Nott Autocorp - 2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante http 22000 Miles. Aston Martin is rich with heritage and prestige and in a pool of many automotive brands that are privileged to the same allegations, but not many can claim the title that Aston Martin can. In 1982, Aston Martin was granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment by the Prince of Wales, an official title given to those of who supply goods to the royal court. The DB9 is a moving canvas of grace and beauty, reflecting the tranquility and breath taking scenery that lace the British countrysides with free flowing lines with curvaceous contours much like the rolling hills. Each numbered DB9 is unique in its own way, hand crafted by specially trained Aston Martin automotive artisans. Unlike the paint strokes and sculptures that lay inanimate, the DB9 is art in motion and thus, must incorporate another layer of ingenuity, that of the latest in technological advancements in automotive engineering. The body is innovatively construed of aluminum creating a chassis 25% lighter than its predecessors, while the torsional rigidity is more than doubled due to the use of the latest advancements in structural engineering as the body is bonded together with ultra strength adhesives along with self-piercing rivets. This also creates a strong bond of another type, that of person and machine as the DB9 becomes an extension of one's self as a rigid chassis allows for surgeon precise carving of roadways. The DB9 is such a capable machine that once striped of all its ...



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