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Ladies and gents, meet the production-spec Aston Martin Vanquish. Sure you got a sneak peek earlier today, but we now have a complete gallery with high resolution photos, a video and of course, the full details on the car that replaces the DBS. The key word to remember with the new Vanquish is evolution as the name may have changed, but the rest of the car is closely related to the DBS. That doesn't mean Aston Martin hasn't made important changes to the Vanquish that borrows its name from the DBS' predecessor built between 2001 and 2007 starting with the stiffer, fourth generation VH bonded aluminium monocoque chassis. According to the British marque, the updated platform's torsional rigidity is improved by more than 25 percent over the DBS's, while its also lighter as a result of the use of carbon fiber in the rear structure and hollow-cast aluminum instead of solid cast aluminum at the front end. Aston Martin says that the front chassis structure is a full 13 percent lighter than that of the DBS. Furthermore, most of the Vanquish Mk2's body panels are constructed from carbon fiber. At 4720mm long (185.8"), 2067mm wide and 1294mm tall, the Vanquish has the same length (and 2740mm wheelbase) with the DBS, but is 5mm wider and 14mm taller than the car it replaces. All said, the new Vanquish is around 55 kg or 120 pounds lighter than the DBS tipping the scales at 1739kg or 3834 pounds. Aston Martin states that it has a 50/50 weight distribution. The Vanquish is fitted with ...

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