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Grey Aston Martin V8 Vantage Walkaround + Pictures

Here's a spot found in somewhere where i don't usually go to. Recently, i have been visiting this Multistorey Car Park on Rougier Street and i've found nothing for the first few times. Then, a couple of weeks ago, i found Something out of the ordinary, something Beautiful and Fast, This Aston Martin V8 Vantage. This car was wedged against 2 other cars in this Multistorey Car Park so i did have limited space to record the car. It didn't matter though as i had enough space. I have started to do a different type of recording where i focus in on one area of the car, Zoom out and Zoom in on another part. I Also Pan the camera from one end of the car, to the other. I Created this idea from other carspotters who also do it. What do you think? Since this car was a 09-Reg, it was made in 2009 which means that it's the Revised Model, the one with the new 4.7 Litre V8 with a Power rating of 420 BHP. Also, it comes with a "Sportshift" Semi-Automatic Transmission, lighter Flywheel, Blistein Dampers, New 20-Spoke wheels (Like this Example) and an interior Redesign. All included with the New 2008+ update for the AMV8. Anyway i hope you enjoy this new type of video. Hope you like it Please Feel Free to Leave a Comment ~GTRJacko Song: Killing Time - Kevin MacLoed

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