Video - BRAND NEW Aston Martin Virage Volante - Walkaround, Details!

Videos Aston Martin Virage BRAND NEW Aston Martin Virage Volante - Walkaround, Details!

BRAND NEW Aston Martin Virage Volante - Walkaround, Details!

Some manufacturers make cars that fit in the range between their other cars. Porsche for example, made the Cayman to fit between the Boxster and the 911. Aston seem to have tried it, but they've made a brilliant car trying. This is the, Aston Martin Virage. The one i have spotted is the Virage Volante, the Cabriolet version. Aston Martin claims to offer the Rapide's driving experience, in a two door version of their car. The Virage is a lot more refined, and offers more performance than the DB9, but without the brutality and vulgarness of the DBS. The engine fitted to this car is the same, 5.9 Litre V12 as fitted in both the DBS and DB9. with the DB9 having 470BHP, and the DBS having 510BHP, you'd expect that the Virage would fit in the middle, with 490BHP. And you'd be right, that's exactly the same. 0-60mph is done in around 4.6 Seconds, onwards to a top speed of 186mph. Those figures may be different for the Volante, as it's nearly 200lb heavier. In my opinion though, the Virage is a lot more prettier than the DB9 and the DBS. In white, it looks absolutely stunning like this one. This Virage Volante, was actually one of the first UK Regestered Virage Volantes, and was the first one to be spotted all over London. A lot of you London Spotters may recognize this car. It's also owned by some middle Easterns, who last week, headed up north to York, for the Ebor Festival. They stayed at one of the big hotspots of Cars, the Cedar Court. I found the car parked in the basement ...

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