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Aston Martin One77- Talking about the One-77

The Astonmartin One77is an amazing car like no other. It is called the One 77 because only 77 cars have been made and not one more. Thanks to C94Paul and Slopey100 for letting me use part of their videos in mine. C94Paul channel: Slopey100 channel: Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Visit my website: The Aston Martin enterprise started in 1913. The brand was quite involved in racing but they still made sport luxury road cars. Aston Martin was always known for making beautiful looking cars. Great design and luxury has always been their strength. They developed a philosophy which is : Power, Beauty, Soul. Every time you start up a recent Aston, you see those words. In 2007, they said:"Ok now it's time to make the ultimate expression of what Aston Martin stands for. Let's make the car that represent the most our brand".They started working on the One-77, a limited production car of 77 units. 50 cars was judged too low and 100 too high. The One-77 was made to be a work of art and the pinnacle of Aston Martin: for them, it's more than a car, it goes beyond that.

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