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Videos Aston Martin DB9 Aston Martin DB9 Sound!!

Aston Martin DB9 Sound!!

Jorrik records two beautifull Aston Martins, a DB9 Coupe and a DB9 Volante. Thanks to my computer crash my whole stash of exotic car video's is gone, so I had to take a look at my old computer if I had some other vids for you. I found some, also this DB9 video. It is from a few months earlier so it is not in HD. I allready have some more vids of a Maserati GranCabrio ''MC Sportline'', Ferrari 512 TR, Gallardo and Koenigsegg, but I have some trouble with editting, because my old computer sucks :P I hope you like the video, this is all I can give you at the moment. I hope to upload some more vids soon! Thanks! Jorrik

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