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Adding Babbitt to Mercedes 680 engine bearings

Since Google screwed up my old Channel (Sirhrmechanic) we'll pick up where we left off with a new channel. Sirhrmechanic2 This video shows us working on the re-Babbitted bearings for a Mercedes 680 (1928) engine. The new Babbitt is slightly below the level of the shell surfaces and has to be built up to ensure a perfect mating joint. So using an iron and torch, we use babbitt metal in stick form to puddle in additional babbitt which is then cut back to flush with the shell. Takes a steady hand and good heat control... because too little heat and the new Babbitt will not be homogenous with the poured Babbitt. Too much heat, and you will slump the poured babbitt off the shell and have to re-pour the whole shell. We successfully did 20 shell halves in this round. We specialize in mechical restoration of pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley but will take on interesting engine and mechanical projects of quality pre-war cars such as Mercedes, Bugatti, Alfa-Romeo, Aston Martin, Lagonda, etc. We are one of the few companies that can handle the complex process of re-babbiting and line-boring prewar engines. See our other videos on my 'old' YouTube channel: Sirhrmechanic Cheers!

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