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2013 Aston Martin DBS V12

For the 2013 model year, Aston Martin is producing an all new DBS, which means the current lineup is, of course, on its way out the door. Recently, an inside sat down with Car and Driver, and discussed what the British automaker's plans are with the current DBS. According to the source, the final 100 models of the DBS will be dubbed the DBS Ultimate Edition and will feature a nice array of extra goodies. The source didn't offer too much about what the Ultimate Edition will include, but said to look to the differences between the 2010 DBS and the 2010 DBS Carbon Black for a good idea of what's to come with this model. This would first off mean that there are likely not going to be any mechanical modifications. Then again, 12-cylinder monster pumping out 510 ponies, there is really no need for any mechanical changes. For the most part, the changes will be extra features and a few mild visual changes. The vast majority of the additions to the 2010 DBS Carbon Black Special Edition was making everything black on the inside and outside, except for a few splashes of silver on the inside. The rims were a polished alloy with its inserts painted, you guessed it, black! You also had the option of alloy or carbon black doorsill plates -- woo hoo a choice other than black. The 2010 Carbon Black Special edition also added in an upgraded 1000-watt stereo system. To wrap this all up, we can anticipate a new paint job for the Ultimate Edition, something not already a part of the DBS line ...

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