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2013 Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish Review

2013 Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish Review, Aston Martin has unveiled a stunning new luxury sports car - the Aston Martin Vanquish. Sitting proudly at the pinnacle of the luxury British car maker's sports car line-up, this breathtaking new super grand tourer represents the zenith of current Aston Martin design and engineering. Vanquish points to an exciting and confident future for the historic brand. Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish is a new Aston Martin featuring the next generation of the renowned VH architecture as well as a significantly upgraded 6.0-litre V12 engine that is considerably more potent than before. The design represents the latest take on Aston Martin's iconic visual language. Vanquish unquestionably sees the brand continue its enviable tradition of producing some of the most beautiful sports cars in the world. Styling cues such as the elegant new waist, elongated side strakes and LED rear light blades are derived from the One-77 supercar. Unmistakably an Aston Martin, the design shows a clear and coherent lineage from its heritage while providing an equally clear pointer to the luxury car brand's vibrant future. Closer inspection reveals details such as the stunning new Aero Duct on the rear boot lid. This elegantly devised passive engineering feature, which counteracts lift at the car's rear when travelling at speed, is a triumph of both design and technical ability. Performance, presence, style and great British craftsmanship - the new Vanquish has all ...



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