Video - 2010 aston martin DB9 start and LOUD rev

Videos Aston Martin DB9 2010 aston martin DB9 start and LOUD rev

2010 aston martin DB9 start and LOUD rev

this amazing DB9 with optional wheels and clear taillights was parked at a beach house near me. the owner and his wife/girlfriend were looking to buy a house. i hope they do so that there will be another DB9 close to me this summer! i love the sound this beast made when it started and it reved backwards! the owner was REALLY nice, and looked to be only about 25 years old! the aston was also a 6-speed...i dont think i've ever seen an aston martin DB9 with a 6-speed. when i told the owner it was awesome that he had a 6-speed he said..."why spend this much money to buy an automatic?!" sooooo awesome :D remember to rate, comment, and subscrbe if you havent already done so!!

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