Aston Martin V8 Virage Volante

Aston Martin V8 Virage Volante

Year of production 1992 - 1997

Model: V8 Virage (1989 - 1994)


Virage Volante

(1992 - 1997)

By the time that the Volante was available for sale in January 1992 at a not insignificant price of £145,500, the 2 seater was dropped in favour of a 2+2. Obviously, the Volante version of the Virage is easy to identify from the coupe with the lack of solid roof. The finely fitted convertible roof with a glass rear window was fully electrically operated, but was unable to fold fully into the body. But there are also some detail differences that must be pointed out - such as the chrome bright work along the top of the front bumper, along the top edge of the doors and along the boot edge. The Volante also featured chrome door handles and a chrome grille.

Initially, the Virage Volante was fitted with the standard Virage V8 engine producing power of 330bhp and 350lb/ft of torque togethger with a 5 speed ZF manual gearbox (rare!) or 3 speed (later 4 speed + overdrive) Torqueflite automatic. Production of the Volante overlapped the introduction of the V8 coupe – so the last 11 examples received the more powerful, 95/ spec V8 coupe engine – with maximum power upto 349bhp @ 6000rpm and torque of 369lb/ft @ 4300rpm.

Comparison of the later Volante dash shows many detail differences from that of the coupe. The walnut veneer extends to the redesigned centre console and the instrument surrounds. The computerised fault finder is replaced by three conventional instrument dials. Apart from very early cars, the steering wheel now houses an air bag; this was a standard feature on all US cars and eventually became standard on all cars. The car also features cruise control. Initially, the Volante was fitted with the 16 inch wheels of the coupe but these were soon replaced by a slimmer spoke 17 inch wheel. At about the same time the stylish wing air vents, initially seen on the design sketches of the Virage were seen on the cars.

During 1992 and 1993, demand for the Virage Coupe had dropped off considerably and the Vantage had not yet entered production. Without the Virage Volante, the Newport Pagnell factory would have been almost silent – during those two years, 125 examples were produced from a total production of 134 cars. Total production of the Virage Volante ended in 1996 with just 235 examples completed and a mere 20 imported into the US.

As the time, the motoring press gave the Volante a bit of a pasting. It was a very heavy car (1960kg), and even with in excess of 300bhp, performance in the hands of the testers (148.5mph, 0-60mph in 7.6 seconds – Fast Lane Magazine) seldom achieved the figures claimed by AML (155mph, 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds – but as little as 6.0 seconds with the later 349bhp engine and 5 speed manual gearbox). Testers sadly were not impressed with the ride quality, handling or road holding. But like every Volante ever built, long term ownership can be highly recommended as values have always be much greater then the closed cars.

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1994 Aston Martin V8 Virage Volante
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1995 service bulletin 1995 volante revised engine management electronic control unit.pdf English 173 KB 3
1994 service bulletin 1994 volante improved air flow over engine cooling fan resistor.pdf English 158 KB 3
1994 service bulletin 1994 volante carbon canister purge line restrictor.pdf English 139 KB 3
1993 service bulletin 1993 volante revised epi relay harness modification.pdf English 103 KB 3

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1994 Aston Martin V8 Virage Volante 5.3 (326 cui) V8

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Fuel gasoline. 4-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 5 341 ccm (326 cui), 8-cylinder, Furcate.