Aston Martin Lagonda IV, generation #4

Aston Martin Lagonda IV 4

Year of production 1987 - 1990

Model: Lagonda (1974 - 1990)

Wikipedia (Lagonda):

Lagonda Series 4

 (Series 4) (1987 - 1990)

William Towns came back to AML to give the Lagonda a 'make over' in order to get just a few more sales out of the old girl before she was honourably retired. The lines were softened, the pop-up headlights were ditched and six fixed headlamps replaced the driving lamps, the waist level trim was lost - but mostly, the sharpness was gone. It is sometimes said that the face lifted series 4 car wasn't quite as Towns had intended; a draftsman may have misinterpreted William Towns dimensional drawings but the mistake wasn't noticed until it was to late. Strangely, another rumour of 20 years previously, was that another mistake was made with Towns design of the DBS that made the car somewhat as much as 4 inches wider than intended.

Lagonda’s are rare cars with a total of just 643 examples being built over 12 years. With perhaps 50 cars remaining in the UK, this photograph of both a series 4 and an early series 2 together is a great rarity. The basic lines are the same although the latter car has considerably more weight in the styling.

With production virtually stable at one car a week, production lasted for just 105 examples, ending in January 1990, with a global recession looming limiting demand for hyper expensive sports saloons.

The Lagonda marque has remained dormant now for over 14 years. It’s true that AML Works service made Virage based 4 and 5 door specials, and we must not forget the exceptionally beautiful Ghia designed Lagonda Vignale concept car. But sadly at least for the immediate future, the Lagonda badge appears on the flags that fly over the offices in Newport Pagnell but not on the cars. But one day perhaps……………..

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1990 Aston Martin Lagonda IV
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1987 1987 lagonda owners handbook ref tp5077 i 1087 200 series 4.pdf English 36.1 MB 44

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1988 aston martin lagonda 1988 parts catalogue.pdf English 17 MB 578

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