Aston Martin Lagonda III, generation #3

Aston Martin Lagonda III 3

Year of production 1985 - 1987

Model: Lagonda (1974 - 1990)

Wikipedia (Lagonda):

Lagonda Series 3

(Series 3, efi) (1985 - 1987)

Along with the V8 coupe and Volante, in January 1985, the Lagonda received the Fuel Injected engine with the electronically controlled sequential system, made by Weber/Marelli . The engine number suffix became V/585 and is both cleaner and more fuel efficient than the carburettors equipped car.

Externally, the series 3 cars are virtually identical to the later series 2 cars; the only difference that I can see is a side repeater flasher ahead of the front wheel. Earlier fuel injected cars have the Cathode Ray Tube instruments, later cars have a Vacuum Florescent system similar to that used by some Vauxhalls and Opels. With a very short production run until the launch of the face lifted series 4 car, only 75 series 3 fuel injected cars were made – probably the most desirable example of the Lagonda in it’s original form.

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1987 Aston Martin Lagonda III
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