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Aston Martin DB7 Alfred Dunhill

Year of production 1997 - 1999

Model: DB7 (1993 - 2004)

Wikipedia (DB7):

DB7 i6 Alfred Dunhill

Coupe (1997 - 1999)

During June 1997, AML unveiled a unique DB7 for Alfred Dunhill, the leading English company specialising in clothing and accessories for a discerning clientele. The car featured a series of exclusive luxury appointments such as a humidor for the carriage of the finest cigars, a silver cigar cutter, cigar lighter, a set of carbon fibre AD 2000 pens and an exclusive Dunhill Millennium clock set into the centre console.

The exterior was painted in an exclusive platinum metallic, known as Dunhill Silver; the interior was in a contrasting Charcoal Connolly hide piped in silver grey. In addition, the traditional Aston Martin walnut veneers were replaced with attractive brushed aluminium panels. Design features from Dunhill products were incorporated in the door handles, surround for the boot release, white faced instruments and the gear lever. The design of the wheel centres was even based on that of the Dunhill Millennium Watch and is perhaps the easiest way to identify a Dunhill……unless after market wheels have been fitted.

The press releases from June 1997 clearly stated that the car was ‘A unique model and not for sale’ but potential buyers must have made a little fuss as by December 1997, it was announced that the production and sale of upto 150 examples would begin in 1998. The only difference of note from the original car was that a ‘non smoking’ version was also offered where the humidor was replaced by a Dunhill grooming kit.

Although the car was only initially offered in coupe form, a Volante version was also made available. Despite the projected build of 150 examples, I believe a mere 78 cars (coupe and Volante) were actually produced before the i6 DB7 was retired and replaced by the V12 Vantage. Most were supplied with automatic transmission making the manual Dunhill most desirable.

One of the cars featured here was photographed at Aston Sales Kensington in March 2008. The wheels are the optional Saturn Plus by OZ (as used on the V8 Coupe/V8 Volante); the badge on the mesh grille is I believe an after market addition.

Another particular Dunhill DB7 (seen below) is possibly the most expensive i6 DB7 ever specified. The total cost of the car in 1999 was almost £120,000 as it features the full Works Service Driving Dynamics package including bodykit and GT wheels. I believe that this particular car was ordered new by Arsenal football legend Ian Wright.

Volante (1998 - 1999)

Although initially offered in coupe form, by 1998, AML also offered the DB7 Dunhill with Volante coachwork. These cars have all the features of the coupe including Dunhill Silver coachwork, Charcoal hide piped silver grey, brushed aluminium panels, Dunhill clock and attractive white faced instruments. It is believed that only 27 Dunhill Volantes were built making them even rarer than the coupe. All but three were supplied with automatic transmission. Thus, a manual DB6 i6 Dunhill Volante is just about the rarest DB7 ever made and very highly sought after by collectors.

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