Aston Martin DP2155 (DB4 Works Prototype)

Aston Martin DP2155 (DB4 Works Prototype)

Year of production 1959 - 1959

Category: Concept

(1959 / 1990)

Initially you may think that this is just ‘another’ DB4 GT! Not so. In 1990, the factory decided that it might be a good idea to purchase and restore a DB4 in order to test out new ideas that could be incorporated into customers cars. UAW 707, an early DB4 in poor condition (chassis number DB4/207/R) was given the designation - DP2155, then the car was extensively modified by Works Service. UAW 707 has become probably, the most developed DB4 in existence.

Modifications performed by Works Service, Newport Pagnell include –

  • Chassis shortened by 5 inches to DB4 GT specification
  • Six point removable roll cage fitted
  • Prototype independent rear suspension
  • Engine enlarged to 4.7 litres, twin plug DB4 GT head, (351 bhp @ 6000 rpm with 334 lb/ft of torque @3500 rpm)
  • 5 speed ZF gearbox
  • Enlarged brakes with 13 inch front discs with Brembo callipers

The car was entered into the AML/Brooks Auction in May 2000 and sold for an astonishing £161,000 including buyers premium – a figure in excess of what one might have expected for a DB4GT at that time.

DP2155 was again sold at Bonhams AM Works auction in May 2010, for the sum of £485,500

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1959 Aston Martin DP2155 (DB4 Works Prototype)
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