Aston Martin DBSC

Aston Martin DBSC

Year of production 1966 - 1966

Category: David Brown era

DBS C by Touring


The Italian coachbuilder, Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, had already worked successfully with Aston Martin on the DB4. So it was not surprising AML asked Touring to style the body for MP220, the car which was to seat four people in comfort and be powered by the forthcoming V8 engine. Their design for the four seater was disappointing and by late 1965, the design was cancelled in favour of William Towns DBS.

But, AML had also decided upon a new 170mph 2 seater sportscar to be unveiled at the 1967 London Motor Show, and again, Touring was invited to style the new vehicle, codenamed MP226. Two chassis were built, based on the DB6 chassis, but with de Dion rear suspension and capable of taking the forthcoming V8 engine. Unfortunately by mid 1966, the economy had taken something of a downward turn and demand for the DB6 had dipped considerably. So it was decided that one way to stimulate sales was to bring the new car to the Paris and London Motor Shows in September and October 1966 – one whole year earlier than initially planned. Needless to say, Touring had to work flat out so that an acceptable rolling shells could be displayed for the shows. Initially, as the car was intended to be sold alongside the DB6, plans were made for limited production – but this would have needed much more development time and would have affected development on the important four seater DBS. Another problem was that the long 6 cylinder engine could only have the cylinder head removed with the engine out of the car – it had to be fitted so far back that it was hard against the bulkhead. So the Touring cars were cancelled – and a short while later, Touring of Milan ceased trading. Two cars were completed; the car shown here is the second example (LHD) and was photographed in the reception at Works Service ai Newport Pagnell.

Initially, when the cars was first shown, they were called ‘DBS’. When the true production DBS was shown a year later in 1967, the Touring prototypes were re-named as DBSC to avoid confusion.

Aston Martin DBSC Touring

  • Engine: 3996 cc inline-6, 325 bhp (242.4 kW) @ 5750 rpm
  • Length: 4451 mm
  • Width: 1676 mm
  • Height: 1219 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2565 mm
  • Kerb weight: 1293 kg

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Photo gallery Aston Martin DBSC

1966 Aston Martin DBSC
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1966 Aston Martin DBSC
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1966 Aston Martin DBSC
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1966 Aston Martin DBSC
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Year Engine code Fuel [ccm] Cylinders [kW] [Nm] No. of
1966 1967 DB5 Vantage gasoline 3 996 6 / In-Line 242 kW 390 Nm 12

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