Aston Martin Coal Scuttle

Aston Martin Coal Scuttle

Year of production 1914 - 1914

Category: Pre War era

The company, Bamford and Martin Ltd was incorporated in 1913 to formalise a partnership between Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. They had been modifying and selling Singer cars from their workshops at 16 Henniker Place, Callow St, Kensington, London. Together, they made a decision to design and build a whole car of their own.

The very first Aston-Martin car was known as Coal Scuttle due to it's resemblance to what would have been a common item in most households at the time. It was registered in 1915 with the number AM4656 and remained the only Aston Martin in existance until a second car was finished in about 1920 due to the Great War getting in the middle of things. Thank goodness they build them a little faster now.

The car was a 2 seater with a sporting body which it is believed carried the chassis number A1. The engine was a 1389cc 4 cylinder side value and was built for Bamford and Martin by the Coventry Simplex company.

Sadly it was last registered for the road in 1928 and has not been seen since. It is thus presumed that the car has been lost forever.

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Aston Martin History

The Influence Of Bamford And Martin

Aston Martin was born from a collaboration of Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin in 1913, while they were both working for Singer cars. Together the two decided that, while the Singer was definitely a good car, it could be improved somewhat to make it more suited to competition (a theme very much evident in the success of nearly every manufacturer listed in the “...

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1914 Aston Martin Coal Scuttle
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1914 Aston Martin Coal Scuttle
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1914 Aston Martin Coal Scuttle
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1921 Aston Martin Coal Scuttle
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