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Soft top stuck in paused mode short of c

Forum Tech corner Soft top stuck in paused mode short of c

2016-03-08 01:07:33

Hi I take care of a 2008 db9. The owner was closing the top when it suddenly stopped and indicated it was in paused mode on the dash. I need to take the car in to have this fixed however Im hoping someone can help me bypass the system in order to close the top completely manually so it can be driven to the shop without damaging the framework to the top. Any ideas?

2016-03-08 01:19:20

I have not done this before.. but read the direction on how to. This is what it say to do.

If the roof fails, remove the ignition key and wait for a minimum of five seconds. During this time the roof hydraulics will relax allowing manual movement of the roof. Some hydraulic fluid resistance will still be present in the operating rams. It may

take considerable effort to fully raise the roof manually.

If the roof lid has unlocked and the roof rear is underneath. Manually lift the roof lid. Continue to hold the roof lid while raising the roof. When the roof rear has cleared the roof lid, let the roof lid slowly fall to close. Manually raise the roof to the fully raised position.

Do not allow the roof cover to rest on the roof fabric. If the roof lid is closed with the roof rear on top. Manually raise the roof to the fully raised position. Ensure that the hook on the last roof joint engages correctly on both sides.

Remove the trim plug. Ensure the two lock arms are located in their catches.

Locking the roof manually may require the assistance of a second person to push down so the catches engage while the allen key is turned. Using the allen key provided in the vehicle tool kit, lock the roof in position. Many turns of the allen key will be required to lock the roof.

Continue to turn the allen key until no more movement is possible.

‘Roof Movement Paused’ will appear in the message display and a continuous ‘beep’ will activate until the roof has been locked.

Hope this help..

2016-03-08 01:21:43

BTW, if you have access to the owner's manual, it is described on page 6.5.. Manual Operation.

2016-03-08 01:24:56

Thank you very much. Will give it a try.