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2014-06-10 14:50:02

The latest tweaks on the Web - from now is possible add to your servicebook also some photos. This can be done in such a way that each service record added button "Upload Photo". This images are inserted into the vehicle profile, but they are adjusted to relate to that particular servicebook. This can be adjusted later in editing photos. Also is posssible join photos later.

Another option is to connect to the servicebook an entire photo album. In editing the photo album selection, which service record album is concerned.

How does it look? Here are examples:

Other minor improvements is icon "permalink" for each service record. What is the purpose? When I want to send someone a link directly to a specific record. When you have dozens of vehicles at service records, they would have said a few pages to scroll and search for what you had in mind. Not anymore.

Otherwise, even pointing out that service book has also a printable version.

So what do you think?