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Parking Assist Module

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2015-11-22 03:38:14

Can anyone tell me where the Parking Assist Module is located in a 2007 V8 Vantage? I can see the module in page 720 of the Workshop Manual, but it does not specify how to find it. Thanks!

Workshop Manual http://en.aston-martin-cl...anual_download.php?id=336

2015-11-22 15:57:52

Everithing is under board.On the next page you can see accelerator on the left side.

2015-12-08 05:42:29

matrix: Thank you.

2016-08-29 06:55:47

josemiguelpi: After serious troubleshooting I discovered that if one backup sensor is not working correctly, the whole systems is not operational. Check out this video if you have issues troubleshooting the backup parking sensors:

Dx: One of my backup sensor cables was cut when the car was backed into something. Nothing was noticeable from outside, and had to remove the entire rear bumper to find the cut on the cable.

Hope this helps!