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DB9 forgot ignition times

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2007 DB9 Sport Pack 5.9 (362 cui) V12

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Fuel gasoline. 7-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 5 935 ccm (362 cui), 12-cylinder, Furcate.

2016-04-21 13:31:29

Does anybody know how to (re-)learn a DB9 the forgotten ignition times (after battery dead)?

2016-04-21 13:49:47

rol007ando: Read this article, long, but very informative. The instructions for getting your car back in the ring are towards the end of the article.

2016-04-21 14:51:55

sinistersf: THANK YOU so much. I hope this will work fine.

2016-04-21 14:59:17

rol007ando: It's a pain in the arse apparently, just because it's hard to do all the stuff on an open road. Try to find a big chunk of highway at an off time to do the coast downs.