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2015-11-04 19:23:23

Does anyone know where I can tap into for a 12V power source around the front of the car which is turn on when the engine is running? thanks for your time.

2016-01-31 13:46:57

There are several fuses not used in the foot well fuse box and can tap in with a extension fuse link

2016-01-31 13:52:53

flyboy1: Does any one know where the the internal lights cable splice is locates as have a short circuit in harness that takes out the fuse 47. Disconnected all lights, connectors to seat units etc where cables go but still have a short to ground so need to get to harness splice to disconnect each in turn to find fault.

2016-01-31 16:01:24

flyboy1: thanks

2017-02-21 21:27:34

Just realised I did not respond with info on my request to find the cable splice for the internal lights. Well I never found it but did remove all of the internal trim, seats and boot trim trying to find it. Very interesting and nice to see how well the car is constructed. Took the effort to add a few bits of tape and move cable looms away from sharp edges. I was all set to replace all the the cables to the interior lights with new and instead of a hidden splice link them each with a fuse in the vacant slots in the foot well fuse box. Why AM did not do that as there are plenty of spare slots instead of a splice that is hidden even to the likes of AM who said they could not help as position varied from car to car and who made the loom. The problem was finally tracked down to the hardest to replace cable (like to start with the hardest) that to the over head lights which runs up the left A post across the roof line to the centre behind some easy to damage and hard to fit trim, like roof lining. Removed the sun visor so could try and thread a piano wire in to pull through new and there was the fault. Cable was trapped under the visor clamp and had taken a few years to work through the wire and finally short out. Some insulation added and routing clear, problem solved. Except putting everything back in but it kept me out of mischief for a day and the neigbours laughing at my expensive toy spread round the garage floor. Would hate to think how much a dealer would have charged and if they would have found it. My daughter has just sole her Audi Q7 after a recurring fault kept draining the battery and spending over £3k with dealer to not fix it. Oh for the simplicity of the electrical systems of old but then would not have this level of performance and comfort.