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2016-04-20 12:01:59

Hi all, I'm getting ready to perform surgery on my 2008 DB9 with a custom stereo or tablet install. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this? I know AM used some fiber optics in the system so I'm not really sure how to tap into that, but other than that it looks pretty normal. I attached a picture of my concept.

2016-04-20 14:19:03

Typically this aspect of AM ownership is either a real pain or requires a fistful of money throwing at it!

The optical method of connection means that you're very limited in what other devices or systems you can integrate. Unless you propose to gut the entire infotainment system and start again! The only realistic solution I was able to find was to use a Dension Gateway device which integrates with Aston's optical setup and allows you to also hook up other devices such as iPhones, android phones, ipods, usb sticks, usb drives on which you can store your music collection or even link in dab radio. This is something you could diy with a little knowledge and experience but for many of us we would be better off paying an installer. Using a Dension unit you get to keep all the existing audio setup (for better or worse!

2016-04-20 14:26:13


Your concept looks great, but there will be some issues to be solved.

1. By eliminating the central display the indications of the cabin temperature, AC and the outside temperature will be lost. The connection to the central electonic is by MOST-wiring.

2. The FM-tuner(in the RR-wing) and the amplifier (in the trunk) must be replaced - it's MOST

3. The rest of the MOST-ring must be closed for NAV.

If you find a specialist, who knows the handling of coding on the MOST System, I would be interested to share this project with you.

I mounted on my 2005 DB9 a Dension500 to get an AUX in on the MOST-system, then connected a Parrot MKI9200 to get Bluetooth and connected a Alpine EZI-DAB+ tuner to the Aux in of the Parrot. It works really good but looks not even sexy☺

Would be enjoyed to read your ideas.



2016-04-20 14:35:37

markchip: I've looked at the Dension unit at it doesn't really fit the bill on what I want. It's old tech that doesn't really integrate all that well if you're looking for a bluetooth, music streaming, self updating gps solution. If I'm going to spend this kind of money I want the latest and greatest,. The upgrade direct from aston martin is a joke, both in price and product, streamblue is closer, but still lacking. According to the wiring diagrams, the speakers and steering wheel controls are all good old copper wire, the fiber stuff is in all of the head unit/gps/amp/phone... and all the other infotainment components. Since I can simply pop in a new head unit that does all of that stuff WAY better, I can probably yank all of that stuff, save some weight and have the most current tech available... Obviously I've not taken the plunge yet, we'll see. I was just curious if anyone had done the full conversion in it.

2016-04-20 14:41:48

danilue: According to my Aston Martin tech buddy the climate control head unit is separate from the stereo head unit. As long as I don't mess with the climate controls in the center console nothing will be affected. As you can see in the attached wiring diagram the sensors are regular wires, not optical. I got a spare center console the other day and will be using that for my "frankenmartin" stereo. That way if I cock it all up I can just pop in the old stuff and leave it alone.

2016-04-20 18:33:07

danilue: Which version of the Dension 500 did you use? how and where do you attached this unit to?

All I am interested in is able to connect an ipod to play music. The car already has BT phone enable,


littlenellie, 2016-04-20 18:33:07 wrote:

danilue: Which version of the Dension 500 did you use? how and where do you attached this unit to?

All I am interested in is able to connect an ipod to play music. The car already has BT phone enable,


2016-04-20 19:23:27

littlenellie: You can use the Gateway 500 (GW51MO2), but you'll have to get an AUX toggle switch to hide somewhere or drill a hole in your dash for it and do a bunch of other junk just to be able to plug in a wired Ipod. Why spend the money and time for a mediocre outdated solution? If you're looking for easy just pop a $20 FM transmitter on your ipod and call it a day. I'm in the market for a complete update.

2016-04-25 04:03:35

After doing a bunch of research and planning I've come to the conclusion that pretty much everything in the stock system is outdated and not worth trying to work with so it's all going bye-bye.

I'm going to install a Nexus 7 in the dash and put all my hardware in the boot where the stock stuff was. For all of you DIYers out there be warned this will require a little extra mechanical skill.

I've attached a pic of the plan and also a link to a power point presentation on my google drive for you guys to check out and critique. The power point has a big parts list with it. I will probably use different things here and there but it's a good starting point.

I'll document and take pictures along the way to keep everyone up to date on the build. Hopefully the finished product will be awesome, up to date, and also much cheaper than anything Aston Martin could ever offer.

2016-04-25 09:18:40

littlenellie: I connected the GW51MO2 at the CD-Changer. On this way it's like sinisterSF described - you have to add the AUX Box.

And here is a link to the installation-guide from dension:

Type 2a is the correct method.

Hope it helps.

2016-04-25 09:42:17

sinistersf: this looks amazing - unfortunately your googledrive-link doesn't work.

Anyway there are some functions which should be integrated in this solution. How would you do this?

see picture

Pos 1. the switch on/off for the reading lights (near the mirror)

Pos 2 and Pos 3: the indication of the outside temperature and the indication of the AC-Position

Pos 4: the READ-button to receipt the the messages in the central display and the T1/T2-button to toggle or reset trip 1 and 2 counter

2016-04-25 12:01:30

danilue: If those functions can be isolated in the harness I can add a button bar somewhere but unless the AC/heat don't function without out those displays then I can live without them as the tablet has a weather app and I don't read much in the car that isn't displayed on a screen. I could also just do an external mount so the tablet just sits in front of the original stuff, but that won't look near as good.

2016-04-25 19:28:37

danilue: Thanks for the info..