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2015-12-26 14:39:48

To change the air filters in a DB9 the workshop manual says you need to remove the front undertray. If you are prepared to drill two 20mm holes in the undertray you can change the filters without removing it. There are two air filter housing screws that can't be reached even with a long flexidrive & 8mm socket. If anyone is interested in the exact position of the holes I will measure their position for you. This makes air filter changes almost a pleasure.

2015-12-26 15:31:51

As a keen diy-er I'd be very happy to get this information!

Cheers, Mark

2015-12-26 17:01:56

Please send me this info. I assume this will work for the 2012 virage Volant. Thanks keit

2015-12-26 17:16:07

Thanks for the interest. It will probably take me a week due to the holidays.

I discovered this shortcut when I was under the car for the third time changing the MAF sensors trying to cure a rough idle that surfaced recently. Still haven't cured the rough idle when the car is hot. Will try Lambda sensors in the new year. My nearest AM dealer is over 160kms away so getting things fixed is not always easy. I try to do most of the work myself.

2015-12-26 21:59:32

im in the same situation. expensive exotic, no dealer close, thanks

2016-01-01 00:42:37

kwalkerj51: Hi,

I have added some photos to my last post, showing the hole in the undertray. If you have any questions just ask & I will try to answer.

2016-01-02 07:23:23

Do you have any shortcuts for the oil filter change on the virage volante 2012? Thx Keith

2016-01-02 20:48:57


Sorry, my meagre knowledge only extends to DB9's. If your car is similar I can put up a description of an oil & filter change.

2016-01-04 04:40:54

I believe the oil change is the same for the V12 db9 as it is for the virage 2012. Please sent me what you know on the oil and filter change, thanks , Keith

2016-01-04 22:32:03

Hi Keith,

If I recall correctly, the procedure is as follows:

Warm up engine.

Raise car on ramp.

Place large drain pan under sump & remove plug through hole in undertray using a 15mm spanner.

While oil is draining, remove pipes and electrical connector from left hand throttle body, then using an 8mm socket remove the throttle body itself to gain access to the filter.

Place a large rag or old towel under the filter before removal as it will drip quite a lot.

Undo the filter using a wrench if necessary.

Now face the threaded hole upwards and stick one of your fingers in the threaded hole in order to pull the filter through the small gap at throttle body aperture. (There isn't room to grip it around the edge and lift it)

Lower a new filter into position and screw it on hand tight.

Make sure the throttle body mating faces are clean and the "O" ring is in position. (AM recommend replacement.) Replace the 4 screws holding the throttle body making sure not to overtighten them as they are only threaded into aluminium alloy.

Refit the hoses and electrical connections.

Replace the sump plug and refill the engine with the recommended oil (app 10/11 litres)

Run engine for 30 seconds to circulate oil and fill the filter then recheck oil level.

Job done

Have you got the shorter dipstick in your engine?

There is a special type of pliers to fasten and unfasten the hose clips on the DB9 which makes the job a lot easier. The one I have was made by Laser I think. It is worth getting one.

Good luck with the oil change.

2016-01-04 23:34:05

Thanks a bunch. Now I just need to locate a Oil Filter. Keith

2016-01-04 23:51:18

E-Bay? Don't recommend any substitute filters. Genuine AM only. Some UK dealers can be cheaper than some e-bay advertisers. It's worth shopping around.

2016-01-08 05:35:35

Here's a link for spare-parts: