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2015-04-30 06:50:07

With KF's and Telum's close calls with disaster, I thought I would post mine. I was on I80 from Sacramento to Reno when disaster struck. I ran over something that left a dime sized hole in the tread. These were brand new Potenzas RE-11 from Tire Rack. The 10" wide rim settled perfectly on the 285's when it went flat. By the time we stopped from 70mph the sidewall on the outside was completely worn away and the inner sidewall was paper thin. All the black stuff on the ground is what's left of the sidewall. Remarkably, there was no damage on the rim or fender. AAA towed the car to Sparks and Tire Rack delivered a new tire within the hour. Four hours after the blowout, the car was back on the road and my road trip vacation was saved.