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Aston Martin DB10

This is 007's company car for Spectre, the 24th Bond outing, and it's gorgeous Meet the Aston Martin DB10. It arrived in a whirlwind of excitement this morning at the official naming ceremony of the new James Bond film, christened Spectre. The DB10 will be Daniel Craig's wheels in Bond's 24th big-screen outing, due next year, continuing 007's affiliation with Aston that helped make the DB5 s...

2014-12-23 10:03:23

being a DB9 owner and DBS lover, I guess it is difficult to be objective... My car is always going to be more special to me.. I don't like the DB7 as it clearly is the same car as the old Jag and I never liked the shape of either cars... The same goes for the DB10... Sure, it is cool to look at but it doesn't have the same graceful figure as the DB9 based models. It seems more like an addition to the range... Kind of a production version of the One77. If, in fact, the DB10 isn't going to be a proper DB9 replacement but more, a new Vantage, then why give it the DB name. I'm sorry but I think it has lost the finness, grace and beauty of the current DB range.

... Just my humble opinion