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2001 Aston Martin DB7 V12 Vantage air condition

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2001 DB7 V12 Vantage 5.9 (362 cui) V12

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Fuel gasoline. 4-speed Automatic transmission. Engine 5 935 ccm (362 cui), 12-cylinder, Furcate.

money pit.

bit its pretty

2015-07-13 23:47:07

Recently we were out for a drive, we went in to a restaurant for lunch. We live in Palm Springs where it can get a bit warm. After lunch we got back into the car and started it up. The air had ben on number 3 on the fan speed. When it started, we noticed the air fan was not on high, no. 3. It only worked in position 1 and 2. No matter in moving dials, pushing buttons did the fan speed go above the no. 2 speed.

Our mechanic thinks its the fan resistor, but I am not sure. It would seem to me if it is the fan resistor then none of the speeds would work.

Any thoughts?


Robert Thorson