Aston Martin Powerboat revealed in Monaco

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Aston Martin makes a splash with first powerboat

Luxury vessel is part of carmaker’s plan to turn around its fortunes after reporting operating loss of £58.3m in 2015

Aston Martin’s first powerboat has taken to the waves as the loss-making carmaker tries to return to profit by stamping its fabled marque on a range of luxury goods.

In scenes seemingly designed for the opening credits of a James Bond film, Aston Martin unveiled the 37ft AM37 powerboat against the glamorous backdrop of the Monaco yacht show.

The vessel, which will set buyers back about £1.3m, is part of a turnaround plan designed to stem five consecutive years of losses.

Aston Martin reported an operating loss of £58.3m in 2015, partly due to an investment plan that its chief executive, Andy Palmer, hopes will breathe life into the company. Palmer’s strategy involves extending the brand into other areas, such as clothing, handbags and even luxury apartments.

Speaking this month at the opening of a store in Mayfair, London, designed to showcase such products, Palmer envisaged wealthy customers immersing themselves in an Aston Martin-themed world.

He said: “Wouldn’t it be great if you’re down in a luxury harbour somewhere staying in an Aston Martin apartment, with your Aston Martin parked in the car park, and your Aston Martin boat harboured outside.”

Many of the products in the Dover Street shop are the result of tie-ups with upmarket brands such as clothing firm Hackett London and Venetian lace maker Emilia Burano.

Parents who want their baby to have wheels like MI6’s top agent can buy a Silver Cross Surf pram, with the famous Aston Martin badge, for £3000.

The firm’s attempts to turn around its fortunes have also seen it launch a new DB11, which officiallystarted rolling off the production lines at the group’s Gaydon plant on Wednesday.

While Aston Martin has been selling products other than cars for some time, the AM37 is the first vehicle it has produced that is not a car.

Capable of racing across the waves at 50 knots, the boat was designed by “master craftsmen” who also worked on Aston Martin’s DB11 and Vulcan models. It was built at a shipyard in Southampton, with nautical engineering expertise from the Dutch yacht-builder Quintessence Yachts.

The company described the boat as a “day cruiser”. There vessel has room for up to eight passengers, and features mood lighting, air-conditioning, a fridge, microwave and coffee machine.

Aspiring 007s in need of a nap can catch 40 winks thanks to a gadget almost worthy of Q – a table that converts into a bed.

The windscreen is made from a single piece of sculpted glass, while a sliding roof allows the owner to cover the cockpit – as with a convertible car.

The cockpit borrows other elements that will be familiar to owners of the firm’s sports cars, including leather interiors, throttle handles and joystick.

Aston Martin’s chief creative officer, Marek Reichman, said: “It was important to us when considering this project to make sure that the boat design was as beautiful and timeless as our cars.”

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