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Volante on the Way: Aston Martin Teases DB11 Convertible

Like Aston Martin? Then you may want to think about Liking the brand on Facebook as well, since the British marque recently used the social-media platform to show off a handful of images of its forthcoming DB11 Volante.

In case you don’t speak fluent Aston Martin-ese, Volante is the name Aston Martin gives its four-passenger convertibles. As such, it’s safe to say the DB11 Volante will continue the brand’s tradition of fitting two vestigial rear seats behind the car’s primary, leather-lined thrones. Unfortunately, none of the images on Aston Martin’s Facebook page show the DB11 Volante with its top down, so any revelation related to the droptop’s rear seats will have to wait for another time.

Regardless, what’s nearly impossible to miss in the released images is the cavalcade of “Opening Spring 2018” decals that are plastered on the car’s body. The point is obvious: The DB11 Volante will be available then. Whether this means it will be on sale or open for orders in spring 2018 is unclear, though, and we’ve reached out to Aston Martin for clarification.

Although almost fully exposed in the photos released by Aston Martin, the Volante is clearly still wearing light amounts of camouflage over its rear haunches, tonneau cover, and trunklid, as well as a small, trunk-mounted rear wing that we predict will either be replaced by a retractable unit or go away entirely by the time the car reaches production. Look for the same 5.2-liter twin-turbo V-12 found in the DB11 coupe to be fitted under the Volante’s clamshell hood. Meanwhile, output should hold steady at 600 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, while an eight-speed automatic is likely to be the sole transmission on offer. Style, of course, comes at a price, and we expect the DB11 Volante to start right around the quarter-million-dollar range, or a good chunk of change more than the coupe’s current $214,820 base price.

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