Aston Martin AM37 sportsboat (2016)

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Aston Martin’s collaboration with Quintessence Yachts on the AM37 sportsboat is progressing apace.

Ben Collett, production director Quintessence, has given an update on what is arguably one of the most anticipated launches of 2016, following the announcement of the project last year. 

“It has been fantastic to see the designs move from concept through engineering and tooling to operating systems," said Collett. "The mechanical and electrical systems have been installed and we’ve been able to test run the various powered systems that represent a key feature of the boat.”

A scaled down version of the AM37 was recently on show at Harrods in London and further events are being planned in the run-up to the launch, the date of which has yet to be announced.

In keeping with a company that provided James Bond with his cars, Aston Martin and Quintessence are not revealing their complete hand on what are described as the “revolutionary” features of the new AM37. However, the Quintessence team of skilled marine craftsmen and engineers, specialised in the different disciplines such as composite builders, electricians, mechanics,shipwrights and joiners are working flat out to bring about the launch.

The firms have revealed that the AM37’s unique sliding deck and collection of on-board computer technologies allows for the cockpit to be covered after a day out on the water, protecting it from the elements and uninvited guests. The deck consists of three carbon panels that can be operated by the electronic command of the AM37 key, folding under the aft deck to uncover the cockpit. Once the cockpit is open, the aft deck slides back to facilitate access to the dock and allow those on-board to easily dive into the water and open the swimming ladder. 

The deck can also be raised to give access to the engine room, storage compartments and bimini top.This unprecedented, user-friendly feature removes the need to store all gear and furnishings at the end of each day. With a simple click of a key, owners will be able to close their boat and leave it ready for the next ride.

The AM37 is further enhanced by its technologies: the air-conditioning, fridge and espresso machine can be started on remote while still at home or driving to the marina. 

The boat also features integrated navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems, with advanced multimedia functions and interactive voice control. The user interface of the multimedia and entertainment system is installed in the 15-inch HD touchscreen on the dashboard. There is a dedicated display for monitoring engine status and navigation.

The AM37, which has naval architecture from Holland's  Mulder Design, is true to its road-based cousins. The boat will be packing some serious punch, with the biggest engines – twin 600hp Mercury petrols – delivering enough grunt for nearly 60 knots flat out. The standard engine set-up is twin 520hp petrols, while 370hp diesels will also be available.

Two versions of the 11.28m boat will be built initially — the AM37, being sold as a grand tourer, and the speedier AM37 S. The models will be built in resin-infused composite at a facility near Southampton, with structural elements made in carbon fibre. Further models are also in the pipeline.

Mulder and Aston Martin worked closely on the design to make sure it delivered as both a driver's boat and thing of beauty.   Marek Reichman, Aston Martin's director of design, said that sports cars and speed boats were “inextricably linked” and that the AM37 would be "like a breath of fresh air". He added that its "simplicity of design, purity and use of materials" singled it out.

Mr Collett said that the AM37 will “truly embody the Aston Martin brand, not only in terms of design but also production quality”.

He said: “It is a hand-built boat and the vast majority has been constructed in-house. In addition to our own highly skilled team, we’ve chosen to work with a few key Aston Martin suppliers in order to get the same level of handcrafting and technical know-how. Moreover, the materials we use such as leather, metal, glass and wood are all authentic to reflect the brand values.

Aston Martin is offering a special personalisation programme to its clients, called Q, by which buyers will be able to customise the boat to their requirements with, for example, different colour options for paints and interiors. Soon, those lucky enough will be able to step out of their Aston Martin sports car and on to their AM37 sportsboat to be stirred, if not shaken.

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